KonoSuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World

Konosuba, which is short for Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! And can be translated to mean “a blessing to this wonderful world” is a comedy anime based on the novels by Natsume Akatsuki. Konosuba tells the story of an introverted and reclusive young man who loves video games, Kazuma Satou, who dies while trying to save a young girl from what he thought was an oncoming vehicle. Kazuma Satou goes to the afterlife after his death, where he meets the goddess Aqua, who assures him that he was indeed dead but not from rescuing the young girl like he thought but rather from shock. The goddess tells him that the oncoming vehicle was actually a slow-moving tractor that would not have hit the young girl. The goddess Aqua laughs at his ignorance and mocks him for what she called a wasted death.

Kasuma is offered a chance to reincarnate in a fantasy world by the goddess Aqua and told he could take one thing with him. Out of spite, Kasuma chooses the goddess Aqua as the only object he can take and she is bound to agree and follow him on his countless adventures.

On his adventures, Kasuma and the goddess Aqua meet up with other characters that have their own quirky personality and disposition. The other characters join Kazuma and they form a team that is more beset with their naivety and foolishness. By sheer luck, the team is always able to come on top at the end of the day. This mix of unlikely heroes and heroines make Konosuba and engaging show to watch.

Kazuma Satou Anime Dakimakura

He is the main protagonist in the series. He is average in looks and height and can be seen most times with a green mantle. He starts off as an introvert but becomes more sociable when he is reincarnated in the fantasy world. Kazuma doesn’t have good social skills as he is always cynical, pessimistic and even lazy. He criticizes everyone, including the goddess Aqua, who he most times calls the useless goddess’. His former reclusive nature is very evident in his relationship with people. He is shy when he first meets Darkness and prefers to laze about his hut than go on adventures. It is evident from his sarcastic comments and constantly complaining that he never enjoyed being an adventurer.

Surprisingly, Kazuma seems to be reliable when the chips are down and come up with the plans that get them out of most situations. He also ends up being the leader of the team and can be quite intelligent. Though cynical at times, Kazuma has a kind heart and he is willing to go to any length to help members of his team. He can be quite lecherous and seems to have a fetish for female panties, as he comes up with diverse ways to steal the underwear of the other members of the group. He uses his belief in equality between genders as an excuse to run away from fights.

Kazuma’s abilities include luck and intelligence. He has an extremely high luck stat but has been told that it wouldn’t help him in the life of an adventurer.

Aqua or Goddess Aqua Anime Body Pillow

She is also a main character in the Konosuba series. Before joining Kazuma in the fantasy world, she was a goddess of Water. One of her tasks was to guide humans in the afterlife and that was how she met Kazuma for the first time. Aqua can be regarded as being beautiful with her waist-long blue hair which has a loop at the top and is tied with a water molecule.

Aqua is carefree and high spirited. She can come across as being conceited at times, due to her being a goddess, and believes everybody else is there to attend to her every whim. She reacts positively to praises and seems to relish and seek out such to an extreme level at times. She can also be easily taunted by jeers.

One of Aqua’s positive trait is the fact that she can’t tell a lie, or tell one convincingly enough. She can be quite gullible as she believes every other person can’t tell convincing lies.

While Aqua can show observatory skills and can be quite knowledgeable, when she wants, those moments are usually few and so far apart that she seems stupid to the rest of the members of the team. She is also very tolerant of others and is always ready to forgive others of their mistakes. This could be because she has a very terrible short-term memory, as she even sometimes forgets that she is a goddess with incredible powers.

Though Aqua’s powers are directly proportional to the praise that she receives, she has a range of abilities which includes God Blow; a powerful punch that can destroy her enemies in a single blow, God requiem, sacred break spell and sacred create spell.

Aqua is the most powerful member of the group and she even has the resurrection spell that brings back a dead being. Her carefree attitude and her almost lazy approach make her forget that she can access these abilities.

Megumin Anime Hug Pillow Case

She is another main character in the series and has crimson eyes. She is the first person to join Kazuma in the fantasy world and is anarchwizard. Megumin likes to say her mind and can be very straightforward at times. Though she is an extremely powerful wizard, from the Crimson Magic Clan, her dependence on her explosive magic technique, renders her almost inept as she can only use that technique once in a day. She refuses to use any other magic than the explosive magic and waste the spell on empty buildings and castles. She likes to dress up in witch attire, complete with black cloak, fingerless gloves, and the witch’s hat. Megumin is very intelligent but lacks self-control and is evident in her use of explosive magic.

Megumin can be overly protective of the other members of the group and rushes to their defense if she feels they are being threatened. She also believes that she must cast her explosive magic technique every day, ever since she was rescued as a little girl by that technique.

Dustiness Ford Lalatina or Darkness: Darkness’s main trait is that she is a masochist. This trait drives her to dangerous situations and is often termed brave by people and her fellow group members. She is a beautiful young woman with hair is likes to tie in a ponytail. She is a crusader and likes to dress in armor and wields a sword.

Darkness comes across as a brave crusader that is willing to protect others from harm, even to her own detriment, but the real reason is her masochistic tendency. Being a crusader, she has a lot of stamina and can even withstand Megumin’s explosive magic attack. She can handle a sword but her aim is so terrible that she can’t hit a target standing in front of her.

Though Darkness’s masochistic tendencies make her able to absorb a lot of humiliation, she can’t stand being teased by her real name, Lalatina. She is kind and caring and will often stand in harm’s way to protect the other members of the group. She rarely likes to talk about her background but from her disposition, it is evident that she comes from a noble house. Also, the fact that her mother sent her an expensive gift when she moved to a new house testifies to her upbringing.

Her abilities include durability, swordsmanship, and stamina. Her stamina shows during combat as she can fight for a long time without tiring.

Eris or Chris Anime Dakimakura

Eris, like Aqua, is also a goddess in the fantasy world that Kazuma finds himself. She is the goddess of Fortune and likes to disguise as a thief called Chris. She has long silver hair when she portrays herself as Eris, but short silver hair and a scar when she is Chris.

Eris can be kind and gentle towards others and treat them with respect. On the other hand, she is can be harsh and violent towards the undead and demons. She will try and kill any demon or monster she comes across, without bothering if the demon or monster is good or not.

While disguised as Chris, she is a very competent thief and has the steal skill, which she taught to Kazuma, who uses the skill to mostly steal female panties. Eris also is very lucky and is the only one in the group that can beat Kazuma in a game of rock, paper, scissors. Though she can be overly cheerful, she is very self-conscious about her body, especially the size of her breasts and so she uses breast pads to make them look bigger.

Wiz Anime Dakimakura

While not a main character in the series, Wiz supporting role is important. She owns a magic shop in the town and was once an adventurer. She is also a lich and can cast lich spells like drain touch; where she can absorb or transfer anybody’s strength or stamina. Wiz can also teleport to any destination that she has marked before and can also carry objects and people while teleporting. Other skills Wiz has are Ice magic, which she is very versed in, and explosive magic like Megumin, though her explosive magic doesn’t leave her drained like Megumin’s.

Though she is a lich, Wiz is kind and cares about others. She can be quite forgetful at times, and may even seem clumsy. Her clumsy nature makes her a target for the other members of the group. Her shop and business of selling magic items would have been successful if she didn’t sell things that were useful but very dangerous, or selling magic items that were too powerful for beginners to use.

Iris Anime Dakimakura

Iris is a princess in the Konosuba series. She is the princess of Belzerg. Her striking feature is a green headband which she wears. The headband is decorated with leaves.

Iris treats everyone around her with kindness and though she is a princess, she is polite. She carries herself with dignity but isn’t prideful and makes sure she isn’t a burden to others.

Iris carries a sword called Excalibur that gives her special magic abilities. Her sword strike called exertion, can destroy a city gate or cut an opponent’s sword in half. She also knows Sacred Lightning Blare sword technique and Sacred Explod, which she believes is different from Megumin’s Explosive magic.

Wolbach Anime Dakimakura

she is also a goddess and had her personality split into two different individuals before she met Kazuma. A young Megumin unknowingly released Wolbach and her other persona who went about destroying the village. Wolbach had to defeat her other persona using the explosive magic technique. She also saved young Megumin in the process. Megumin was so much in awe of her that she became obsessed with the explosive magic technique.

Wolbach is an expert at explosive magic but she also has the teleportation skill which makes her a very formidable opponent in a battle. She can teleport in the midst of enemies, use her explosive magic and teleport away.

The goal of Konosuba is for Kazuma and Aqua to defeat the boss, the evil Devil King. While it seems pretty straightforward, the antics of Kazuma and his team makes it almost impossible for that to happen. They remain in the first town as the money they get for the jobs they undertake is spent paying the debt owed by members of the team, most often Aqua.

The fantasy world that Kazuma and his team enter is set like an RPG, where characters in the world have to level up by accomplishing tasks and acquiring skills. Each character can only be proficient in the character’s skill set and not in another, unless learned, as in the case of Kasuma learning the steal skill from Chris. If this to work though, both the teacher and student must have similar attributes. This means someone like Megumin, who knows explosive magic will never be able to learn the steal skill.